The Bitch is Back is a disruptive brand of spirits with an attitude. Our brands all have a unique niche in the market with names such as Queen Bitch, The Bitch is Back and Two Faced Bitch. Our first product to market will be our flavored wines under the Bitch is Back name sake. Look for our other brands to hit the street soon.

The Bitch is Back is coming with a force and market readiness never before seen. Look for us on the shelves mid summer. Better go ask someone...

Bitch is Back

The Bitch is Back label will be showcaseing our peach/mango wine. Awesome flavors with the party goer in mind. Don't just drink with friends, get into a mood.

Queen Bitch

This line of spirits will set itself apart with its unique kick of blueberry badness. You are drinking with royalty... drink like you got a pair.

Two Faced Bitch

Our strawberry flavoed wine is known as the Two faced Bitch. Great flavor with a kick in the pants like only a smiling face with a double personality can...

No One's Bitch

Our Stanford Brut answers to no man or woman for that matter. Take it from someone who does not care what you think, this Brut will have you taking names...